The Venus Factor My Review

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It has never understood why women do not to lose pounds to clear extensive after recording cardio exercises, according to strict diet and lifestyle change. Most think that their failure to lose weight is their fault. This is not true as it is genetics to blame.

The good news is that the experts in the health sector have unearthed the cause of the problem. This finding has the best reduction products for women who gave the core of the problem.

One such product that has received much attention since its debut, the Venus factor.

venus-factor-program-reviewThe diet and fitness system is disclosed below is tailor made for the female body. The system has taken on a very new approach for women. Unlike other programs on the market that are based nutrition, diet restriction and labor intensive exercises at a fad, the plan is on the genetic component that determines the metabolic rate in women is based.

Fitness and nutrition expert John Barban developed the program. Currently, it is one of the most talked about fat burning programs in the world, and you will soon find out why. However, there are a few facts you need to know.

The Physiology of Weight Management in Women

By nature, women have slower metabolism compared to men. However, this is not the reason why they do not much like men of the same age who lose the same exercise and healthy eating. Physiologically, a woman’s body is fat to keep build adequate reserves for the growing baby during pregnancy.

The gain tends to start after puberty and worsen with conception. The amount won is not lost even after delivery. For most women, the problem is that even after an apparent success, the excess pounds creep back almost instantly. For many years, the cause of this phenomenon has not been known.

Recently a breakthrough has been experienced in the industry, because the cause has been identified. It is the hormone leptin. This hormone controls the appetite, hunger, metabolism and thus weight. It also controls the behavior. It is known from adipose tissue of the body as fat. It is secreted in response to food in the stomach.

Leptin signals the brain center that controls appetite and hunger, which has been hit enough and it’s time to switch off. It then goes a head to stimulate the burning of fat to provide energy. Controlled by the combined effect of all three mechanisms of appetite, hunger, and proper management. The higher the values​​, the more pronounced its effect.

Since the amount of adipose tissue in women is twice as much in men, circulating leptin levels also doubles that of men. Based on this fact, one should expect that women are better to lose appetite and hunger control than men, and so quickly. However, this is not the case. Women tend to find it harder to lose than their male counterparts do.

The reason for this is that the female body is to the hormone and hence it is not as efficient when the male body. In other words, the bodies of women who do not tend to despite exercise and dieting to lose are resistant. Even more interesting is the fact that many of the current weight loss programs actually reduce the market, the level of this important hormone in the body.

Why it works only for women

The Venus Factor Fitness System is unique because it addresses only females and seeks to help them transform their bodies, the shape of hourglass and increase their energy. It is based on the hormone leptin and aims at the secret to increasing the level and find a way to show beat the genetically determined resistance.

The program is a PDF eBook with a diet guide, a training manual and training plan. It also comes with workout videos and a complete 12-week fat burning system. The program seeks John Barban a “loophole” he has found in your genetic makeup with which you play a trick on your physiology and the problems that are posed by resistance to show. You get insider tips and tricks, techniques and female fat loss exercises that you are guaranteed to find cheap results.

To help benefits, you lose

With so many scams in the form of programs on the market, every new product is obtained with great skepticism and levels of suspicion. The Venus Factor Fitness system, however, is different.

Here are the advantages of this program:

It approaches weight loss from a completely different aspect. This means that it deals with the cause of failures and rebound weight gain after successful loss.

The program is effective in all women that burn fat and achieve want a perfect sexy figure.
The system comes with easy to use PDF-texts, high-definition videos for training and very clear instructions that can be followed by a woman reading.
It guarantees that the system will work for you and this is supported by 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.
John remains realistic and not promise “heaven on earth”, as other authors do. He emphasizes the importance of a healthy eating plan and lifestyle.


Venus factor has revolutionized the health and fitness industry. The system offers clear solution to this old problem – generation. If you have to crawl back just for him, a woman trying to lose weight, the VF system is to use. It will ensure the weigh loss is healthy and permanent.venus factor videoadd7

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