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Look at this extract from the Venus factor of 12 weeks Weight Loss Program

The amount of energy your fat can offer, if you are on a diet is dependent on how much body fat you have. The more body fat you have, the greater the calorie deficit you can be filled with the energy stored in your fat.

The word stuffing is actually a good way to describe what your body fat makes when you’re dieting. If you diet an energy deficit, create essentially a gap between the amount of energy you take in, and the amount of energy you spending on a daily basis are. In an ideal world, this gap is filled exclusively by the energy that is stored in your body fat.

But how to lose body fat, the amount of fat that can be solved from. This means most people wrong diets, and indeed they do it backwards. The more body fat you have, the lower you can go with your calories and more you can go eating low calories, without any negative effects. But towards the end of the diet, when body fat levels get deeper and deeper, the caloric deficit must be shorter and smaller.

Does not that show only the degree of thoroughness, preparation and logic that has gone into the Venus factor diet program?Venus-Factor-Diet-Plan-8

Another important aspect of the Venus factor is together in this excerpt from the program

It is quite obvious that the rate that can your body fat is to meet your deficit and the optimal rate of weight loss (ORWL). You can exceed your ORWL, but it will only be by a combination of transient loss of water and lean mass loss. This is the result of “crash” diets and lose a lot of size, shape, mass and energy along the way.

You can not just force that can handle fat loss faster than the body (not without strong medications) to happen. Therefore, your goal should be to optimize these and with maximum rate of fat loss possible at a certain body fat percentage match your calorie deficit.

This maximum rate your body fat percentage changes changes and for this reason we recommend a weekly check to see what your projected fat loss will be based on your available fat. Remember, in most cases, you will never be able to eat under your level availability fat until you get much lean. At these higher body fat percentage, it would be almost impossible for an energy deficit that exceeds your fat availability create.

So now, you may have noticed that I used my experience and knowledge from the world of science to show my own satisfaction that Venus Factor weight loss diet program is really on sound scientific foundations. After all, diets to lose weight quickly need to be based on proven principles and they need to be sure!

I have an answer to your question whether the Venus factor works and whether it is safe.

Let me explain how the system actually works start. The 12 weeks Venus Factor program was developed to certain things to your metabolism, which is to control and thus control the amount of fat metabolism in the body, your level of leptin, do.

So you have a protocol setting out what the 12 in each week have to do week program but the protocol is (supplied free customized as part of the program) exactly to your own requirements with the software on the computer Venus program.

This is your Venus Factor virtual dietitian.

It is a free program that is included with your membership, and it will give you two critical calorie numbers. These are firstly, the number of calories you need to eat according to your current body measurements, that the number of calories that say maximize your fat loss.

And the second is your maintenance number that is the number of calories that you should eat when you are on a maintenance regime.

This is obviously the number of calories that will lead to you neither gain or lose weight. The 12 -week program includes both your deficit number and your maintenance number according to the protocol for the week.

So if you want to lose weight quickly, then the Venus appears factor in an effective and fast weight loss diet. I think it is the perfect example of quick weight loss diet, in fact, because it is so well written, leaves nothing to the imagination and support you every step of the way!

Quick weight loss tips

Now I really must stress that Venus is not as complicated as I could sound like!

The diet and weight loss tips and advice are all decorated in a program for you and all you have to do is just plug the numbers in the software and pops out a very clear sheet of instructions on what you need to do to lose weight have a regular consistent basis over the period of 12 weeks from Venus Factor Diet.

And this book provides a complete guide on how to use the software, so do not worry!

So all this information will be your diet regime for what to eat and how much to eat over the 12 week diet period.venus factor download

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